Postnatal care

As soon as your baby is born, we carry out all the necessary checks and assessments. Most babies are healthy and do not need specialist care.
If you have your baby in the consultant­-led unit or birth centre, you can usually go home a few hours after the birth. If you have had a caesarean, you will normally stay with us for 48 hours, but all care is based on the individual needs of each woman.

If your baby needs specialist care, they will be transferred to the Neonatal Unit at Royal Cornwall Hospital. Babies with complex health problems will receive intensive care.

Postnatal Care at home

For the majority of women and their babies, postnatal care is carried out at home. Your midwife will visit you the day after birth or discharge from hospital, on day five for the newborn blood spot screening and then to discharge you around 10 days after birth.

Infant Feeding Support
For more information on how to get support with feeding your baby during the Coronavirus outbreak, please go to our Infant Feeding Team page.


The Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal
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