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Postnatal care

This page was last updated: December 22nd, 2022

As soon as your baby is born, we carry out all the necessary checks and assessments. Most babies are healthy and do not need specialist care.
If you have your baby in the consultant­-led unit or birth centre, you can usually go home a few hours after the birth. If you have had a caesarean you will normally stay with us for 24-48 hours. Some babies may require a longer stay in hospital for observation or treatment. This may be carried out on our Transitional Care ward where mothers and babies are kept together. There are occasions where babies with complex health issues may have to be transferred to the Neonatal Unit for more intensive care.

Postnatal Care at home

For the majority of women and their babies, postnatal care is carried out at home. Your Community midwife will contact you the day after the birth of your baby or the day after your discharge from hospital. They will discuss in partnership with you, your individualised plan of care, it could involve extra support or guidance as you settle into life as a new family.
Usually you receive a visit on day 5 for newborn blood spot screening.

Then again at 10 days for discharge from midwifery care into the care of the Health visitors.

Your Midwife and Health visitor may visit you together or continue to visit you for an extended period to give support and guidance.

You may also be visited by one of our exceptional Maternity Support Workers who play a key role in advice and support on all aspects of your Postnatal care.

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