Medical Physics

Looking after the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust’s medical equipment.

The Medical Physics Department looks after the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust’s medical equipment. We are responsible for a huge range of activities, but these largely fall into two broad categories; Clinical Equipment Management and Scientific Services.

Clinical Equipment Management Service

The Clinical Equipment Management Service team is responsible for managing the majority of medical equipment used by healthcare services in Cornwall. We look after over 25,000 items, collectively worth over £25 million.

Qualified technicians and a team of support staff provide services such as equipment procurement, servicing, supply of spare parts, safety testing and user training.

Scientific Services

A team of eight clinical scientists and five clinical technologists provides scientific support to many Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust departments, in particular Clinical Oncology and Clinical Imaging.

The team is dedicated to making sure the equipment is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. They also look after patient and staff safety around complex equipment such as CT scanners, radiotherapy treatment machines, x­-rays, lasers and ultraviolet.