Caring for babies born prematurely or with complications.

The Neonatal unit in Truro looks after around 600 babies a year. We care for babies born prematurely, as well as babies born with health complications at full term. Some babies stay with us for many weeks or months.

Facilities and support at the Neonatal Unit

We have two rooms, where you and your baby can stay together overnight. We give priority to families preparing for discharge or with critically ill babies. We also have a breastfeeding room and showers available.

There is a shared refreshment room with tea, coffee and milk and a microwave and a fridge.

We have a selection of toys and books available to keep younger siblings occupied.

Parent support groups take place at the unit regularly and we can also give you information about other support groups in your area.

Visiting the Neonatal Unit

Parents can visit the ward 24 hours a day. We will let you know which nurse will be taking care of your baby on a daily basis and explain what treatment, care and/or medication they are receiving.

Ward rounds are conducted every morning, usually starting around 9.30am. The length of the ward round will vary depending on the number of babies staying on the unit and what level of care they need. You are welcome to be there when the medical team assess and discuss your baby/babies, but will be asked to step outside when other babies in the same room are being discussed.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can speak to any member of the nursing team, consultants, junior doctors or Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners.

Who else can visit babies on the neonatal unit?

We only allow two people to visit a baby at any one time. Siblings can visit with their parents and other visitors (grandparents, friends and other family members) can visit at the family’s discretion. We do not allow any under 16s apart from siblings.

We have baby rest time on the unit every day between 1pm and 3pm, when we don’t allow any visitors other than parents.

Arriving at the unit

Our unit is a secure one. When you arrive, please press the buzzer on the door and tell us which baby you are here to visit and the ward clerk will buzz you in. We ask all visitors, including parents, to remove any outdoor coats or jackets and wash their hands before entering the nurseries. This is to minimise the risk of exposing the babies to varicella zoster virus (or VCV, which commonly causes chicken pox) and respiratory viruses.

There are sinks and coat hooks in the reception of the neonatal ward.

To keep the unit peaceful and restful for the babies, we do ask that mobile phones are switched to silent and that all calls are taken outside the unit.

Helpful websites for parents with babies on the Neonatal Unit

For more information, these are some helpful websites:

The Neonatal Outreach Service

The unit has a Neonatal Outreach Service that offers specialist nursing support to babies who have been discharged from the Neonatal Unit with ongoing additional needs, such as home oxygen or tube feeding. Our team works closely with community colleagues to promote an earlier discharge where possible.

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