Joint school

This is an educational session run by the clinical team. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about and prepare for your surgery. It is best if you attend joint school a few weeks before your surgery. Our staff will contact you to book this at the same time as they book your surgery date.
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You will meet other people who are also waiting to have their hips replaced. You are very welcome to bring a relative or carer with you so that they can support you when you go home after surgery.

What are the benefits?

Attending the joint school will help you get home from hospital after your operation more quickly and you should attend even if you’ve had a total hip replacement before.

What will happen?

The clinical team will explain what is going to happen to you during your stay in hospital. It’s really important that you fully understand what will happen before, during and after your hospital stay, so please ask as many questions as you want – there are never too many!

The physiotherapist will teach you the exercises and, if they are not too painful, you should try and start them before your operation as they will help strengthen your muscles, which will speed up your recovery from surgery. The physiotherapist will also show you how to use crutches, especially on stairs, so that you will feel confident and able to keep mobile when you return home. We can help you with any problems you may have using crutches before and after your surgery – just let us know how we can help.

The occupational therapist will show you how to manage everyday tasks such as how to get dressed, get in and out of bed and get in and out of a car. They can also show you different ways to do these tasks to help you avoid bending over or twisting your new hip in the first few weeks after your surgery. It is good to start these new techniques before your operation so that you become fully familiar with them.