Video Consultation Appointments

Your outpatient appointment may now be done by video consultation using Attend Anywhere. This enables you to be able to attend your appointment from home, saving you time and money.

Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based platform that enables video calls. For information on how to use the platform, watch the short video below.

Before  your call

We strongly advise that you test your equipment and connection before your appointment. To do this, select the below waiting area, which corresponds to the one in your appointment letter, and press ‘Test Call’ and follow the steps.

To begin your consultation

Ten minutes before your appointment is due to start, click on the correct waiting area below, which can be found in your appointment letter. Then select ‘Start Call’ and follow the series of steps before you arrive in the virtual waiting room. The virtual waiting room is private and your clinician will join the call when they are ready. Ensure that you are opening Attend Anywhere in the latest version of Google Chrome (for PC/Mac/all mobile devices) or Apple Safari (for Mac and iOS devices).

If you do not have the latest version of either Google Chrome or Apple Safari, click on one of the following links:

Click here to find out which version of Google Chrome you have.

If the device you are using is blocking the microphone and/or camera, click here and select the device you are using to find out how to unblock the restrictions so Attend Anywhere can access them.

If you are having a problem with the service, click here for troubleshooting tips. Or refer to the information sent with your appointment letter.

This service is for pre-arranged appointments only; if you enter the virtual waiting area outside of your appointment time your call will not be answered by a healthcare professional.

Waiting Areas