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Staff Survey 2022 – Results are in!

Your results are here, request them now!

The survey is only meaningful if we are serious and commit to using the results, locally and at an organisational level. Team leads and managers can request them from


  • Results will be shared with the whole team
  • Managers and team leads will discuss priorities with teams
  • Team members will contribute improvement ideas and assist in their implementation

Support Available:

  • A guide on how to use results
  • Templates for results and actions
  • General support and advice

The Engagement Team is there to support you and your team to get the most out of your results, contact

To maintain anonymity, we are unable to report on groups that are fewer than 11 people.

  • If 11 or more people filled in the survey in your team, you will be able to receive your specific team results.
  • If fewer than 11 people in your team filled in the survey, we can still provide results though these will be at a higher level where your results will be combined with others (i.e Specialty level)

Please be aware, there is an external embargo on results until the 9th of March, though you are still able to use our results for our teams and internal purposes. More info on the external embargo.

Added on 3 March 2023, in News - General News

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