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Sunrise Centre garden space receives timely spring makeover

This page was last updated: June 1st, 2021

RCHT Therapeutic Radiographer Sophie Bennett has worked to transform hospital garden into a “calm, restorative refuge”
Dedicated colleagues and kind donations have helped to transform the garden at the Sunrise Centre into a space of tranquillity and reflection that the whole team can enjoy.

“The transformation project was led by one of our Radiographers, Sophie Bennett”, explains Janice Merryfield, Senior Therapy Radiographer at the Sunrise Centre. “The work is currently ongoing, but we’re already seeing how Sophie’s efforts are helping to transform the garden into a tranquil area for colleagues to enjoy some fresh air at break times.”

In addition, to working as a Therapeutic Radiographer in the Sunrise Centre, Sophie is also a trustee for The LEAF Charity, which works with local communities around the world to protect habitats and promote reforestation.

“I am extremely passionate about protecting and restoring the natural world, which led to me improving the outdoor space behind the Sunrise Centre”

Sophie explains:

“So far we’ve planted flowers and created a herb garden, which should have huge benefits on an environmental level. By improving the green space, our hope is that it will also provide a calm, restorative refuge for colleagues to repose and enjoy, which will really help to promote mental wellbeing for the whole team.”

Uniformed radiographer sits outside on a bench surrounded by plants

Janice continues: “Sophie arranged to purchase planter benches from Camborne Planters. It was important to support a local business, especially after the financial impact of Covid. Staff members have also donated pots and plants to go in the garden, so it’s been a real transformation, and something that the whole team can support.”

Added on 25 May 2021, in News - Trust Improvement

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