Supergirl Sawyer and Wonder Woman Wendy – ready for London to Paris 2020.

Wendy Sawyer, RCHT Charity’s ‘Come Dance with Us 2019’ competitor signed up to another RCHT Charity challenge just 3 months after the last one but this time alongside her wife Lisa.

Having seen Wendy learn to dance to raise money for charity they discussed a challenge they could do together when they heard about RCHT Charity’s latest challenge ‘Neither of us have very much cycling experience, with the most we have completed previously, being the Camel Trail!’

‘I cannot wait to experience the challenge, and who better to share those memories with, than Wendy. Having met whilst completing our nurse training, we are looking forward to being able to raise funds for the hospital we work for, together’ Staff Nurse Lisa explains.

Lisa Sawyer will be raising funds for her department, the Recovery Departments at RCH. ‘The units are spread across the hospital site, with the main Trelawny Recovery being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The departments cover all aspects of the post-operative recovery phase from complex oncology surgeries, high dependency patients and new mums after caesarean births. The money I raise will go directly towards supporting the patients that come through our many departments’

Swapping sequins for lycra Senior Staff Nurse Wendy will be raising funds for the Memory Café at West Cornwall Hospital. The Memory Café is held every Thursday at the Hospital for patients with dementia and they gather for the afternoon. ‘The Memory Café can help break up the day to day hospital routine. The patients really enjoy attending, revisiting their youth, singing songs, listening to music, enabling them to feel a part of what can be a very confusing world, when you have dementia in one form or another. We are also hoping to introduce a new initiative, providing meaningful activities throughout the entirety of their inpatient stay, which I am hoping to raise as much as possible for’ said Wendy.

Having both now purchased road bikes they are now training hard for this fantastic challenge over the coming months. Lisa said ’the whole encounter will be a personal goal of fitness, not to mention a fantastic experience. I’m looking forward to also having the opportunity to be part of a bigger overall team from RCHT’.
Over to Wendy for the last word ‘Being the second challenge I have taken part in, someone even said I was some sort of ‘Wonder Woman Wendy’. I’m not sure about that, but this event, for a non-cycling individual, will no doubt be tough, but extremely memorable and I look forward to taking part with Lisa’.

Supergirl Sawyer and Wonder Woman Wendy, we are proud to have you on board, thank you.

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