Tackling patient transport delays

The patient transport team has been working our health and care partner organisations, and transport provider E-zec, to address delays in transporting patients to and from acute and community hospitals.

To improve the way the service currently operates, we have agreed four priorities designed to increase capacity and reduce delays at no extra cost.

  1. Improve the accuracy and completeness of the information provided about access to a patient’s property, a patient’s mobility and whether they have capacity when transport is requested.
  2. Increase vehicle occupancy rates by grouping patients travelling to the same destination. At present our occupancy rate stands at 1.1 against a national average of 1.8. The geographical challenges specific to Cornwall would make the upper level difficult to achieve but a target of 1.5 has been agreed, and if achieved, would create an additional 20% capacity across the system.
  3. Reduce the amount of time crews spend not driving by enforcing the maximum handover time of 15 minutes. This will mean us making sure patients are ready to go when their transport arrives.
  4. Match capacity to meet busy periods and ensure that vehicles are operating when required.

The changes come into place on 6th August 2018 and will help us to get more patients home, more quickly and to free up beds for those needing our care.

Added on August 6, 2018, in News - General News / Trust Improvement