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The eNotes project continues to gather pace

This page was last updated: October 15th, 2021

Having launched on the 12th July, the first week of the RCHT eNotes live patient pilot has gone extremely well. Patients’ paper notes have been digitised and their outpatient episodes are being filed digitally as part of this rolling pilot.
Patients are now appearing within specialties throughout Cornwall as part of their planned and emergency care.

The eNotes team have been holding daily huddles with the health records department and focus RCH site outpatient areas, which have been fully supported.

As the project gains momentum, colleagues have been sharing their experiences with the new system.

Pete Gray, ENT, Audiology and Dermatology Service Manager, said:

“The support given to the Dermatology specialty by the CITS team has enabled a smooth and successful rollout of not only a new system but a new way of working for the department. The collaborative working between the two departments resulted in issues being identified and resolved promptly, resulting in a successful transition onto a new system. As a specialty we want to thank CITS for their ongoing support.”

Sarah Lague, Clinical Admin Lead in Dermatology, agreed, adding: “With our worries at the beginning it has all gone very smoothly, and we have felt very much supported by the whole team. To echo Pete’s comments, this has to be one of the best go lives we have had for a long time.”

Sarah Carswell, Skin Cancer CNS, said that: “the eNotes system was intuitive and surprisingly easy to use.”

John Lewis, Operational Health Records Manager, said he is very proud of the project and health records teams, adding: “They have all taken ownership, worked together incredibly well and jelled as a team to work through any minor teething issues.”

“We are now going to enhance the content of information held within eNotes with Maxims documentation,” explains Senior Project Manager Shelley Thorpe. “We are also planning to expand the pilot to include ED Casualty Card Scanning and historical bit filing next month, as well as more outpatient activity at West Cornwall hospital. In August, the RCHT Disclosure Team will start to integrate eNotes into their service.”

Added on 26 July 2021, in News - Trust Improvement

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