Trusted Assessor role to improve hospital care for nursing home residents

A new role has been established at the Royal Cornwall Hospital which will improve the coordination of care for patients admitted from care homes and help to reduce any delays when they are ready to be discharged.

Staff Nurse, Cheryl Dance is the first of what will become a team of three Trusted Assessors for Care Homes who will support residents from the point of admission and throughout their stay.

“We will help to make sure there is accurate and timely information about each person’s medical history before they were admitted to hospital, so that all the health professionals caring for them in hospital have a full picture of the individual’s health,”

explains Cheryl. “We’ll be able to chase up any delays in their hospital care and help to get residents back to their home more quickly.”

Cheryl and her colleagues will also work closely with care homes, carrying out patient assessments on their behalf and being the point of contact should any problems arise with a person’s discharge.

“I’m already building working relationships with local care home providers and as a team we will gain a good understanding of the individual homes and the care they can offer. That will allow us to be well-placed to assess, on their behalf, a patient’s suitability to go into a home for the first time, or to resolve any delays or barriers to returning to their existing home.”

The Trusted Assessor for Care Homes team will be up to full strength by September, working 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, 7-days a week and based alongside the Onward Care Team.

This new role is a great example of the better integrated and coordinated services the Shaping Our Future programme will bring about. The posts have been jointly funded by Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and Cornwall Council through the Better Care Fund.

Added on August 13, 2018, in News - General News / Trust Improvement