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I’m waiting for an outpatient appointment or procedure

This page was last updated: March 16th, 2022

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust is committed to offering you treatment at the earliest opportunity. Management of the Covid-19 crisis has meant an increase in waiting times which we are working hard to reduce.

Number of Weeks Waited from Referral to Treatment (RTT)

By specialty, based on the top 92% of patients on incomplete pathways (have not yet received treatment).

This information is updated weekly:

Waiting times for NHS services have increased significantly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic across Cornwall and the rest of the country. While many aspects of day-to-day life are returning to how they were before the pandemic, COVID-19 still impacts our local NHS services. Our hospitals are under increased pressure and there is still a very high demand for healthcare services and hospital beds across Cornwall.

We are taking a number of steps to try and improve this situation and our teams are working hard to see you as quickly as we possibly can. We are reviewing patients who have been waiting a long time as we know some people’s conditions, needs and treatment wishes will change over time. All patients waiting are prioritised according to their clinical need and we are doing our utmost to ensure you get the treatment you require as soon as possible.
The current wait times for treatment are available below. Wait times start as soon as we have a referral from your GP, optician, dentist or other clinician and end when you have received treatment or a decision not to treat is made.

Service Weeks
Bariatric Surgery Service 75
Breast Surgery 16
Cardiology 45
CFS ME Service 18
Chemical Pathology 5
Clinical Immunology 18
Clinical Neurophysiology 54
Clinical Oncology 12
Colorectal Surgery 63
Community Paediatrics 31
Dermatology 26
Diabetic 14
Ear Nose and Throat 30
Endocrinology 23
Fertility 43
Gastroenterology 44
Gastrointestinal Physiology 44
General Surgery 63
Geriatric Medicine 28
Gynaecology 43
Gynaecology Oncology 9
Haematology 11
Hearing Therapy 30
Hepatology 27
Nephrology 11
Neurology 50
Obesity 23
Ophthalmic and Vision Science 30
Ophhalmology 25
Oral Surgery 36
Orthodontic 26
Orthopaedic 59
Paediatric 21
Paediatric Safeguarding 31
Pain Intervention 14
Pain Management 14
Rehabilitation 11
Respiratory Medicine 20
Respiratory Physiology 30
Rheumatology 24
Sleep Medicine Service 32
Thoracic Medicine 20
Upper GI Surgery 75
Urological Physiology Service 48
Urology 48
Vascular Surgery 30

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