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Overseas Visitors or Patients

The NHS is a Residency based system. If you are not a permanent and lawful UK resident then charges may be raised for this attendance. Please contact the Overseas Visitors office with any queries.

For more information please see How the NHS charges overseas visitors for NHS healthcare

Patient Feedback

We want to ensure that you can feed back about your outpatient experience – whether positive or negative – in order that we can learn what works well and improve services where needed.

Please share your feedback with us through completion of the ‘Friends and Family’ questionnaires which you will be directed to at the end of your video consultation or sent via text after your face to face or telephone appointment. All feedback is reviewed and actions taken where issues are identified for improvement.

If you have a particular concern about something which did not go well, please contact our Patient Experience Team who will ensure this is raised with the relevant team to investigate. We can only improve if we know a problem exists and welcome feedback from our patients to inform change.

Alternatively, you can feed back in a variety of ways. For details please see our Get in Touch page.

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