Acute Medical Unit

At the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) we care for patients who are admitted to hospital unexpectedly and need urgent medical care. Our patients may be referred to us by their GP, an outpatient clinic or have come through the emergency department.

Our AMU is divided into three areas. We are a dedicated core team of nurses, medics, physios, occupational therapist, speech and language therapists and Dietitians. We are also visited daily by Specialist consultant’s and nurses. This means each patient receives care and treatment that is tailored for their needs.

Medical Assessment Area

This is a mixed sex eight trolleyed assessment area. Patients come from GPs, ED, Same day Emergency Care or outpatient clinics.

Patients are assessed by the acute medical team and then discharged or referred to specialists for continuing treatment.

We aim to transfer patients out within 4 hours.

Acute Medical Unit

The main area of the ward has 32 beds. Patients receive treatment before discharge or transfer to the next ward. Our average stay is less than 48 hours.


This area is for our 75s who will be cared for by our Older People services. The team includes consultants, nurses, physios, dieticians, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists.

Patients will be discharged or transferred to another ward or hospital within 72 hours.

Visiting the Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

Open visiting on all wards is between 10am and 8pm, 7 days a week

Visiting outside these times can be discussed with the nurse or midwife in charge. See our Visiting Policy.

Top Tips

  • Please introduce yourself and tell us who you are visiting
  • Feel free to help out at mealtimes
  • Do not disturb nurses during medicine rounds
  • When asked to leave a bay or room, please respect our request

No flowers please.

We are open to relatives staying overnight if required for patient’s best interest.

We work closely with relatives and are happy to discuss treatment plans, with a nominated next of kin, with patient consent. This should always be done face to face and information given over the phone will not include diagnosis.

Directions to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is located on the first floor of Trelawny Wing at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske, Truro. If you enter from the Trelawny main entrance (near the café and WH Smiths shop) AMU is the last ward on your right hand side, opposite the Coronary Care Unit, just before the stairs that go down to Lloyds Pharmacy.

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