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Emergency Department Areas

This page was last updated: October 31st, 2022

We have a number of areas within the Emergency Department, where we assess and look after people with serious and potentially life-threatening conditions. This means we can see and treat people in the most efficient and safest way.
If you are coming to the Emergency Department (ED) or bringing someone here, please come straight to reception and our trained team will take your details and make sure you end up in the right place.

Suspected stroke? Chest pain? Serious injury? Choking? Traumatic blood loss? Loss of consciousness?
Call 999 or visit the Emergency Department

Directions to the Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is located at the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske in Truro. The Emergency Department is on the right-hand side of the Trelawney Wing but it has its own entrance, so when you arrive at the hospital site, follow the signs for the Emergency Department (which are highlighted in red).

There are a few short stay spaces outside the Emergency Department, and you can drop people off outside, but please don’t stop in the hatched area directly in front or block access for ambulances.

Find out more about coming to the Royal Cornwall Hospital.


This area is where the people with potentially life-threatening conditions will be taken when they arrive at hospital. If your relative is in Resus and you need an update, please call 01872 253109.


Patients who are seriously ill with conditions such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain and neurological complaints will be taken to one of our Majors units. If your relative is in one of our Majors units you can call for an update on 01872 253115 (Majors 1) or 01872 253102 (Majors 2).

Paediatric Emergency Department

We have a dedicated section at the Emergency Department for looking after children who have been admitted as an emergency. If your child has been admitted to the hospital as an emergency, please call 01872 252156 or 255984 for an update.

Clinical Decisions Unit

The Clinical Decision Unit is an inpatient ward for ED patients who have been assessed and need ongoing observation and treatment, but are expected to be discharged within 24 hours, once their treatment plan is completed. If you need to call the Clinical Decisions Unit for an update on your relative, please call 01872 252746.

The Same Day Emergency Care Unit

At the Same Day Emergency Care Unit, we look after patients who have been referred by their GP as an emergency, but who can be treated safely and effectively that same day without needing to be admitted to hospital. The unit is specially designed for rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute medical conditions.

Our patients receive exactly the same care as they would do as an inpatient, but it means we can see and treat people quicker, and that you can go home the same day, even if you may need to come back for further treatment on another day. If you need to call the Same Day Emergency Care Unit for an update on your relative, please call 01872 252328.

If your relative or friend has been admitted as an emergency

If a member of your family or a friend has been admitted to hospital through our emergency department and you are coming to visit them, you can find out more about what to expect for emergency and urgent admissions.

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