Wheal Prosper

On Wheal Prosper Ward, we look after patients that need to be isolated. We have twelve isolation beds and look after patients with a wide range of conditions.
We hold a relatives’ surgery every Wednesday at 3pm, when the ward sister and deputy ward sister are available for you to drop in and ask questions. We can also arrange another time for you to see them if that is more convenient for you. We also suggest that one person is nominated to call the ward for updates and act as the patient’s single point of contact

Visiting Wheal Prosper Ward

Important information to prevent infection

Because our patients are extremely susceptible to infection, if you have had, or suspect that you may have, Norovirus, diarrhoea, vomiting or flu in the last 72 hours, please do not visit the hospital.

Flowers and plants are not permitted on Wheal Prosper at any time.

Visiting Hours

2pm to 4pm
6pm to 8pm

Please ask if you would like to bring children under 10 or if you would like more than two people to visit at a time.

Protected Meal Times

12 noon to 1pm
5pm to 6pm

Directions to Wheal Prosper Ward

Wheal Prosper ward is on the second floor of the Tower Block at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske, Truro.

From Tower Block entrance

As you enter the Tower Block, turn left and either take the stairs, which are past the cafe on your right, or continue past the cafe until the lifts are in front of you. When you reach the second floor, turn left out of the lifts or right if you’ve taken the stairs.

From Trelawney Main Entrance

If you enter from the main hospital entrance, go past the cafe (on your right) and WH Smiths (on your left). Head to the end of the corridor and go down the stairs or take the lift to the ground floor. Go left and this will bring you to the Lloyds Pharmacy shop (on your left). Continue past Lloyds, right to the end of the corridor and then turn right to enter the Tower Block Just before the Tower Block main entrance, take the lift or the stairs to the second floor.

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