NHS staff who require accommodation at a hotel should

  • Contact the Corporate Travel Management (CTM) call centre on 01274 726424 (choosing ‘Hotel team’, then ‘Option 1’).
  • Staff will then be asked to provide their full name, telephone number for emergency, email address for confirmation, Trust name (Royal Cornwall Hospital’s Trust), department and job title.
  • They should provide the RCHT cost centre code, which can be found in the ‘Wellbeing Coupons, Codes and Logins’ section on the ‘Wellbeing’ page on the Intranet.

Please see the ‘Wellbeing Coupons, Codes and Logins’ section on the ‘Wellbeing’ page on the Intranet for login or coupon details.

The national response provides easy access to staff through the call centre, and are also now offering colleagues the chance to make bookings online via this link: New hotel booking online link: Survey Monkey

Where staff experience difficulties in accessing support through CTM, we ask that you raise any concerns with the Organisational Development team by email providing your name, contact details including phone number, department and job title along with the issues you are experiencing. This is so that we can escalate any issues to CTM.