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Brilliant You recognition package – FAQs

This page was last updated: March 9th, 2022

This FAQ is designed to answer questions relating to the package of annual leave options for all employees and bank workers, of RCHT, as a Thank You for the continued appreciation of your commitment through the pandemic and the unprecedented pressures we have faced since October 2021.

What is the recognition package?

The package of annual leave opportunities available to you are:

  • Continuation of the buy-back of annual leave policy into 2022/23
  • An additional ‘Brilliant You’ thank you day to be taken during 2022/23
  • Allowing 10 days carry-over of annual leave from 2021/22 into 2022/23

Supporting Policies (these are currently being updated):

1. Annual leave buy-back:

Due to your commitment to our patients under the operational pressures we experienced, you may not have been able to take as much leave as you’d have liked. This has not been a usual couple of years, so rather than the usual ‘use it, or lose it’, we are extending the annual leave buy back scheme introduced in 2021/22 into 2022/23.

Conditions apply to prevent wrongful use of this benefit which are:

  • You can only sell back a maximum of 10 days.
  • Annual leave is to be sold back to the employer at the employee’s usual hourly rate calculated on base salary, not including any additional remuneration, and is subject to tax and National Insurance deductions.
  • Calculations will be made by Payroll.
  • Staff must take their statutory minimum leave as per the Working Time Regulations (5.6 weeks or 28 days) including public holidays.

How will the annual leave buy-back work?

Please refer to the annual leave buy back policy.

2. Annual Leave Carry Over:

If you have annual leave still to be taken in this financial year (2021/22) you will be able to carry it over subject to a maximum of ten days, into next financial year (2022/23). You will be able to do this if the below conditions are met:

  • You need to have taken your statutory leave entitlement (5.6 weeks including public holidays) within the leave year (2021-22)
  • You were unable to take leave due to the impact of the pandemic
  • Your wellbeing was not compromised in any way

3. What is a Brilliant You Day?

The ‘Brilliant You Day’ is a thank you and recognition for efforts made during the Covid-19 pandemic and the operational pressures over the last 24 months. After the uptake and feedback from offering this last year, we would like to extend this gesture again, the day will be awarded to be taken in 2022/23. This is a one-off, non-contractual entitlement and it will not lead to any similar future entitlements.

What can the Brilliant You Day be used for?

You might want to use it on your birthday, a family member’s birthday or whenever you like! Perhaps a coastal walk, talking your dog for a hike, visiting family, going for a sea swim or enjoying a Cornish tea. It is for you to use how you wish.

Your Brilliant You Day is for your rest and wellbeing. We hope you’ll share your photos and videos of how your spent your day on our staff Facebook group, or send them to us to include in one of our newsletters, to share the fun and smiles and inspire your colleagues for their Brilliant You Day.

When can the Brilliant You Day be used, is their a deadline?

The Brilliant You Day can be taken up to until 31 March 2023. The day will be available to book on roster from 14 March 2022.

The date you take should be agreed with your line manager (as would normally be the case with annual leave) and would need to be booked and agreed in advance to ensure there is adequate staffing and safety of care is not compromised.

Who is eligible for a Brilliant You Day?

All on Agenda for Change, Consultants, and bank staff. i.e., permanent, fixed term, flexible contracts and bank workers, regardless of what they have been doing over the Covid period, i.e. working as normal, working from home, shielding, sick, on maternity leave etc. The Trust wants to thank all employees.

We are allocating the day based on all staff still in post on 28th February 2022.

What if I work non-standard (7.5 hour) days?

The Brilliant You Day is to be calculated based on one fifth of your weekly contracted hours. For example, for someone contracted to work 37.5 hours a week this will be 7.5 hours. This is to make sure everyone gets the same proportion of time off for their Brilliant You Day.

Do I have to use all my Annual Leave before taking my Brilliant You Day?

No. The Brilliant You Day is independent of annual leave allocation.

How do I record the Brilliant You Day?

Once agreed with your line manager to ensure safe staffing. A new entitlement has been set up on E-roster to clearly identify it separately to annual leave. A user guide has been put together and will be communicated to all staff.

I work part time; will that affect my entitlement?

No, the Brilliant You Day is additional to any entitlement you currently have.

I am a bank worker; how will I receive my Brilliant You Day?

The calculation for the Brilliant You Day for bank workers will be calculated in the same way as your quarterly annual leave payments are. Bank workers will therefore receive the monies instead of the actual day, but it will be the equivalent. It is aimed to be paid on the 29th of April.

I am an RCHT employee and I work on the Kernowflex bank. Will I get both a leave day and a payment?

If you are a substantive staff member you will receive a ‘Brilliant You day’, you will not receive the Kernowflex bank allocation as well.

Can I choose to have the payment instead of the brilliant you day?

No, it is important to us that you get time back for you. Kernowflex colleagues are receiving a payment in the same way they normally receive their annual leave entitlement.

If there is not the time for the Brilliant You Day to be taken before 31st March 2023, will I be able to carry it forward to another holiday year?

No, your Brilliant You Day must be taken before 31 March 2023 and will be lost if not taken.

Does this affect the 10 days we are currently allowed to carry over?

No, the Brilliant You day does not impact the 10 days carry over.

I am due to leave the Trust, am I still eligible?

Yes, but you need to take the day before you leave the Trust; the day will not be paid in lieu.

If I leave the organisation, will I be entitled to receive payment instead of the Brilliant You Day leave?

No, unfortunately if you have not used your brilliant you day entitlement, it is not possible to receive this as payment. We encourage everyone to use their day.

What if I am on maternity or long-term sickness?

If you are on maternity or long-term sickness, you will still be able to take your recognition day up until 31st March 2023.

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