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Family and Relationships

This page was last updated: May 17th, 2021


If you are looking for a childcare facility that is open please contact Call 0800 587 8191or visit at: Support in Cornwall for the most up to date information.

Additional details regarding nurseries and independent registered childcare providers can be found here.

For possible help with childcare costs, please visit Child Care Choices.

For full details of Family and Childcare Support, please see the Family and Childcare Support page on the staff intranet.

Support for Home Schooling

We know these are challenging and uncertain times, and the parents and carers amongst us may be feeling additional pressure to ‘home educate’ our children and dependents.

Please know that there are lots of support networks, websites and ideas, and we are here to support you if you feel you need some help to get your head around it all!

Top Tips:

  • Set some structure and rules for learning time – for yourself and the kids!
  • Start off small – don’t be too ambitious or feel pressured to do it all
  • Let them go at their own pace
  • And whilst they are, have some patience!
  • Listen to them – let them guide you to their interests and you’ll both get more out of it!
  • Don’t be afraid to contact teachers for guidance – no-one will think less of you
  • Show an interest in your child’s work, no matter the level or accuracy.
  • Keep active if you’re able – outside learning is just as important
  • Use free online resources – they are there to help you!
  • Breathe! You are doing an amazing job

Useful online resources:

Ideas to keep occupied:

  • School resources
  • Crafting – knitting, stickers, making cards, drawing
  • Cooking – teach them the basics, and maybe both experiment together with new recipes
  • Helping with household chores – get them earning their pocket money!
  • Virtual play dates with friends
  • Design a board game
  • Learn to juggle
  • Write a comic
  • Download free audio books
  • Take part in yoga for children to destress at the end of the day!

Obviously, this list of tips and resources is not exhaustive, just a small guide to set you on your way if you’re struggling to get going.

Remember, as a working parent or carer, you are doing an amazing job for us at RCHT at this time, and we so appreciate your experience and expertise. There is a lot of pressure from differing levels, so please also remember, when you aren’t at work helping us, to take some down time and enjoy the time with your family.

Working Carers

A carer helps to look after another person who is not able to manage alone. You could be supporting a partner, parent, child, relative, friend or neighbour who is affected by age, disability, physical or mental health problems or substance misuse.

Carers UK
Are you a working Carer? Carers UK give expert advice, information and support. We campaign and innovate to find better ways to reach and support carers.

Kernow Carers – provides local support and guidance for all of Cornwall’s unpaid carers.

The Trust currently has an active Staff Carers Network. For further details visit our Community page.

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