Working together – Why staff from Finance and Procurement chose redeployment with the Inventory Management team

Since the onset of Covid, redeployment has been one area where colleagues from across our hospitals have shown great initiative and commitment, with teams and individuals making urgent but necessary changes to both where and how they work. As part of this, members of the Finance and Procurement Teams at the RCHT have experienced first-hand the benefits redeployment can have to our hospitals and the way we work. Here, some members of the team share their experiences.

Alaina Mitchell, Project Accountant for the RCHT, recently spent time working with the Inventory Management team. “It was an eye-opening experience”, Alaina explains. “I was there to learn the ropes in case the team needed additional support. The commitment and enthusiasm I saw was really inspiring, and I came away from the experience with a feeling of admiration.”

“The team is located in the basement, in a small store room, which in recent months has been taken over by deliveries of PPE”, Alaina continues. “The challenge for the team was to find a way to get the PPE out to the wards as quickly as possible, ensuring that clinicians have everything to hand when they need it. The team work tirelessly in a pressurised environment, making sure everything is topped up in the mornings and doing deliveries throughout the day. They never stop.”

In March, Management Accountant Abdu Sabo was redeployed to Inventory Management on a full-time basis. “I started work for the Finance team in February”, Abdu explains. “In March, our manager asked for volunteers to help support the Inventory Management team with delivering PPE around the hospital. I was happy to volunteer as I wanted to feel as though I was helping the hospital, albeit in a small way.”

Abdu continues: “The role involved doing a daily stock count of the high risk areas, ensuring that they had adequate levels of PPE. We also responded to ad-hoc requests around the hospitals and helped to deliver gowns, aprons, surgical masks, goggles, visors and gloves to all wards and areas as required.”

“The team were great and very welcoming”, Abdu continues. “There’s a lot of unseen work that goes on there and they all do a great job. They helped to train us up and always ensured we had enough support to carry out the role. As time went on we were given more responsibility and felt we became trusted and valued members of the team. I very much enjoyed my time with Inventory Management and enjoyed discovering all of the areas of the hospital”, Abdu concludes. “It was very different to sitting behind a desk, and it gave me a good idea of what goes on all around the hospital, and what a great job everyone is doing.”

Paige Donaldson works as part of the Procurement team and recently spent time helping with Inventory Management. “It’s been a great experience to be a part of the full circle of procurement”, Paige explains. “If it wasn’t for the teamwork and understanding of everyone working in the basement stores then the service would not be as effective and efficient as it is. Traversing such a large hospital site is very physical work, but it’s also rewarding. We’ve been given an opportunity to see first-hand what amazing care is being delivered to our patients, and this is something I will take with me as a reminder when I go back to working from a desk.”

“It’s so important to recognise the incredible work done by the Inventory Management team, but also the work of colleagues that have taken the option of redeployment”, Alaina continues. “These are colleagues working mainly behind the scenes to keep our patients and staff safe in difficult times. I am really proud of what they do. They have willingly swapped desk jobs as accountants to being on the front line delivering equipment around the hospital. The bond within the team is really strong, and they have been welcomed and accepted as integral members, which was a pleasure to see.”

Stavros Ballas, Inventory Manager for the RCHT, adds: “Setting up a process to ensure the management and distribution of PPE across our hospitals would not have been possible without the assistance of colleagues who were redeployed to help us. We needed to work in a challenging environment with limited storage space and constantly moving stock. The PPE team has to cover many miles during the day and go into all the high risks areas knowing how dangerous this could be. I am really proud to be working with these colleagues and feel we’re making the difference for RCHT.”

Added on 8 July 2020, in News - General News

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